Participate in the Free 2014 Food Growing Tele-Summit


You can register for a free 5-day online conference (March 3rd-7th) about “Planting Community Resilience”.  Hear speakers from around the world, including Vandana Shiva (Navdanya – Earth Democracy), Will Allen (Growing Power, Milwaukee), Paul Stamets, (Fungi Perfecti), Joel Salatin (Polyface Farm), Ocean Robbins(Food Revolution Network), John Valenzuela (Cornucopia Food Forest Gardens), Erika Allen (Growing Power, Chicago), and other individuals who work to support the local, sustainable food movement as farmers, home food growers and community activists.

  • Learn from the experts in this free series of inspirational conversations.
  • Get started now – begin to grow some of your food at home.
  • Help build your community’s resilience through growing & eating healthy food.
  • Learn why your local food economy is so important and integral to our global health.

To register for free and participate in the online conversation and conference, visit:

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