My second house in Costa Rica had gas! That meant I didn’t have to cook in a rice cooker anymore! Yey! Don’t get me wrong, the rice cooker was great… but a stove is also great.

I love biscuits and gravy. I’m from the south, so biscuits and gravy is just in my blood. I was definitely craving this in Costa Rica, but couldn’t find cake flour at any of the markets. I decided to go with something with some local inspiration.

What you’ll need:

Corn flour.


Baking Powder.

Pork products: either bacon, sausage, ham, or chorizo. I used both bacon and chorizo for this recipe.

Milk or buttermilk.

Salt and pepper to taste (I like my gravy with a lot of pepper).

Baking powder

The first thing I put together was some really simple, really delicious fried corn tortilla. I measured it at approximately one part masa harina (corn flour) to one part water, and then a dash of baking powder to add some fluff. Two small fists of masa harina was enough to make four small tortillas.

Put the masa harina into a small bowl. For one cup of masa harina, add about one cup water and 1/4 of a teaspoon baking powder.

Mix the water and masa harina, it will be very sticky. The more it’s mixed, the smoother it will come out. Eventually, it will form into a smooth ball of dough. Heat a frying pot of vegetable oil on med-low to low heat. Rip off small pieces of the dough and round them into balls. Place the small balls of dough into a plastic bag. Press the bag flat to make a pancake.

Gently place the dough into the hot oil. It’s important to keep it on low, and to watch it to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Once tortillas are golden brown, place them into a paper towel to collect the extra oil. Set aside.

To make the gravy, first cook up the bacon or sausage. When a good amount of fat has come out of the meat and is in the pan, add milk. It should be enough to fill the pan. Add pepper and allow the milk to simmer. Make a rue by adding masa harina to the mix, pinches at a time. Slowly mix the rue with a wooden spoon.

If too much flour is added or the milk is mixed too quickly, the gravy can clump. For smooth gravy, add flour and mix slowly.

Wait until the gravy has clumped properly, and then remove from heat. Stack the corn flour tortillas and layer with gravy. Serve hot!