Give it some heat

I love spicy desserts. Seriously. Cayenne ice cream? Yes please. Chocolate chili cake? Uhm, duh. Delicious. So when I went to make poached pears, I gave it my own little twist. Here’s my recipe for rice cooker poached pears. Makes two servings.

What you’ll need:

One halved, cored, peeled pear

Two chopped plums, skin on

white pepper, ground nutmeg, dehydrated salsa, chili powder

Fruit juice, I picked grape pomegranate juice. Fruit soda, I picked Pellegrino blood orange flavor

Pour the soda, juices, and all spices into the rice cooker. Add plums, stir so the juices pick up the spice. Add pear halves, placing them pit down inside the cooker.

Cook for half an hour or until the pears are fork-tender.

Open cover, flip pears and continue cooking without lid another half an hour. Continue flipping to cook for more intense flavor, followed by chilling in fridge for as long as possible for added taste.

When I made this, I kept the pears warm and served with cold whipped cream. It would also be really good with a graham cracker crumble (graham crackers smashed as small as possible, add butter and cook in a small baking dish. Use this as a cookie for the bottom of the pears and add whipped cream or ice cream on top.)