Themed Issue ‘Food Security’


Food Field Notes is calling for academic articles and general interest pieces for a special issue on Food Security. If your submission will be longer than 2500 words, please submit an abstract via email for us to consider its submission.

Food Security topics emerge through production, distribution, and consumption. This feature series invites contributions probing the social, cultural, biological, political, ethics, economics, and every area of the Food Security discussion.

Possible areas of Food Security to be explored include:

Malnutrition and Famine


Environmental Health

Food Sovereignty


Food Policies


Food and femininities/masculinities

Food Identity



Food Aid

Climate Change

We invite written submissions; photo essays; illustration; poetry; a link to a short video if it is designed specifically for Food Field Notes.

Submissions should arrive by November 15th, 2014. Please consult our submission page for more information if you have never submitted to our site before. Accepted submissions will begin appearing in our Food Security series running December 1st thru December 8th, 2014.