To include an image for your article and submit it to our front page carousel, follow the following easy steps:

Once you’re signed in and one the “add new article page”, look on the right side of the page. There’s a box titled “Featured”, with the option to check “Appear in the home page carousel”. Select this box. Below is another box that is titled “Featured Image”. Select the option for “Set featured image”. A pop-up box will appear with a gallery of images to pick from. On the top of the box, there will be two gallery tabs. One of them is labeled “Upload files”. This will allow you to select your image from your computer and add it to the article. After the image is selected and added to the article post, it will appear in the “Featured Image” box to the left of the “Body” box on the article submission page.

The article will go through the review process, and if the article and image are selected, it will appear on the front page of the journal in our image carousel.